November 6, 2018

Tour n°2: Bourse neighborhood in the XIXth Century

Experience the energy of the 19th century in the Bourse neighborhood, the Grands Boulevards and discover the history of the Paris stock exchange! 



What will you discover during the Bourse tour ?

After discovering the ancient history of the Bonne Nouvelle district during the visit n°1 of The Morning Walk “Along the history of Bonne Nouvelle“, check out the history of the surroundings of the former Paris stock exchange !

In 1:30, you will learn why the Bourse district was the favorite neighborhood of the French noble families in the seventeenth and eighteenth century and how the district became the most popular district for Parisians in the nineteenth century. Palaces, theatres, opéras and cafés, it will be lots of fun!

During the visit, I will take you to the places that make the charm of the neighborhood today, while telling you their story. I hope I’ll see you there!

For whom is this visit ?

The visit is dedicated to all those who live or work in the Bourse district but also to all Parisians and travelers wishing to discover the city in a more authentic way.

The morning tours will allow the most courageous  of you to start the day very actively! 

For those who work in the neighborhood and wish to have an active lunch break, tours specially adapted for lunch will give you a moment to escape and you will feel energetic for the rest of the day!

On weekends, you can enjoy a moment with family or friends in the open air before or after the brunch!

This guided tour is only available in FRENCH this month, but it will be available in English very soon!
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Karolina Kozlowski

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