October 25, 2018

About The Morning Walk

About The Morning Walk

What is The Morning Walk ?

The Morning Walk is a service of guided tour around Paris, intended for Parisians curious of their city and travellers wishing to discover the city off the beaten tracks. Every month, The Morning Walk prepares a different visit to discover the history of popular areas of Paris. One of the aims of The Morning Walk is to encourage interest in local tourism by providing tricks and tips for cultivating it on a daily basis.

Available guided tours:

  • The Morning Walk #1: Historical walk around the Sentier & Bonne Nouvelle neighborhood
  • The Morning Walk #2: Immersion of the XIXth Century history of the Bourse neighborhood

Why the interest for local tourism ?

Tourism is today one of the most appreciated and sought-after leisure activity. For many, it’s one of life’s goals. However, for the majority of the population, it is not possible to travel everyday. Local tourism, affordable and accessible to all, can satisfy the needs of exploration, discovery and freedom, usually sought during a trip abroad or in a different city. By offering a different visit each month, The Morning Walk wants to encourage the creation of a habit for travelling locally.

When are the guided tours taking place ?

The Morning Walk wants to make local tourism accessible on a daily basis by offering different schedules for guided tours.

On weekdays, tours are available in french in the early morning (variable depending on the days of the week), and in english at 10:00 or 10:30 to start the day off on a good start. For an active lunch break, The Morning Walk offers tours in french at 12h, 12h30 or 13h.

On weekends, The Morning Walk encourages outdoor activities with tours throughout the day.

Visit the ticket office to see specific dates and times.

It is possible to book a private visit outside the usual hours by contacting us directly – contact (at) themorningwalk.fr


About Karolina

Karolina, your dedicated guide, studied in Paris and has lived in the 2nd arrondissement for more than 3 years. Passionate about the history of cities, sustainable local tourism and theater, she chose to link her three passions to create The Morning Walk in August 2018. Having grown up in Warsaw, she will be very happy to share with you anecdotes about the history of Paris and some that mix the history of France and Poland.

You can follow her adventures of entrepreneurship and local tourism on Facebook and Instagram.